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Why risk it? Protect the performance, reliability and safety of your electrical assets

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Medium voltage and low voltage circuit breakers are critical to the continuity of your business. The outdated MV and LV breakers currently protecting your switchgear and distribution systems could be putting costly equipment and people's safety at risk.

Upgrading old or obsolete breakers with latest-generation components by ABB, extends the working life of your electrical distribution systems.

Enhancing the overall performance, safety and reliability of your electrical equipment, while reducing maintenance requirements, our cost-effective Modernization Retrofits solutions, ensures your critical assets meets the latest electrical standards and safety regulations.

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ABB's Modernization Retrofit protects your most critical electrical assets.

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Why risk it?

Modernize and protect your critical assets with ABB Modernization Retrofit.

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Modernization Retrofit - making it happen

MV and LV circuit breakers installed years or even decades ago may no longer meet today's electrical safety standards. With ABB Modernization Retrofit you can be sure that electrical systems are compliance with latest regulations, minimizing potential risks to plan workers and costly equipment. Try our LV and MV selector kits below.


Enhance reliability

No business welcomes the risk of costly downtime due to electrical distribution system failures. Modernization Retrofits from ABB leverage latest advances in technology to enhance the reliability of your MV and LV circuit breakers, helping to avoid unscheduled downtime and ensure business continuity. And with a reduction in routine maintenance requirements, you'll enjoy further savings in lifetime ownership costs.

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Improve performance

ABB Modernization Retrofit solutions can improve the performance of your electrical distribution systems by adding new digital functions. Watch our on demand webinar for more insights.

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