ABB Startup Challenge 2024

Electrification Smart Buildings

Presented by Laura Socci,
Executive Sponsor

Global Head of Energy Distribution,
Electrification Smart Buildings, ABB

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MVP development & long-term collaboration with ABB

AI-driven automation solutions for improved energy optimization in smart buildings

Transform traditional Energy Management systems for sub-final Energy Distribution into intelligent systems that enhance value creation through automation and efficiency with a focus on small to mid-sized commercial applications and residential communities.

Description of the division participating

  • ABB Smart Buildings portfolio comprises energy distribution and home and building automation products and solutions that enable safe and reliable energy distribution and smarter, more sustainable buildings to enhance people’s comfort and livability. Whether for small to mid-sized commercial buildings and residential applications, we are driven by a spirit of partnership and collaboration to leverage the best innovation and digital technology for our customers so they can achieve their smart building goals.
  • ABB’s safe, smart & sustainable solutions for sub-distribution systems protect, monitor, measure and make your installation smart to provide flexible and smart solutions to help users achieve energy efficiency.
  • We are facing the need to accelerate solutions to reduce carbon footprint while being even more digital. It is time to expand our view of how buildings should be operated and harness the power of data and latest technology to create intelligent and energy-efficient buildings and homes of the future.

The challenge

  1. What is the problem we are trying to solve?
    To achieve genuinely intelligent energy efficiency, energy distribution and energy management systems must surpass mere monitoring functions. They need to provide robust data analysis, allowing for swift, value-added decisions and automated actions. This would save time and money by eliminating laborious manual data analysis from various sources and the subsequent implementation of corrective actions. We invite you to create an innovative solution that elevates our digital energy management solution into a smarter, more automated platform for sub-final distribution in small to mid- sized commercial buildings and residential applications.

  2. What is the solution to develop?
    • Transform energy data into value: Revolutionize energy data conversion with innovative technology delivering real value to end users.
    • Uncover invaluable insights by translating energy data, including costs and potential savings, into tangible monetary benefits.
    • Examples of improved processes: systems that effortlessly calculate energy related KPIs and ROI (return on investment) efficiently, enhance billing and cost allocation, and seamlessly integrate flexible energy tariffs.

  3. What is the impact of the solution on our business and/or customers?

    We want to bring people responsible for energy monitoring and management on a transformative journey where energy consumption is not only witnessed in real time, but where the energy management system takes the reins, eliminating the need for time-consuming human analysis and interpretation. Picture a scenario where automation transcends predefined logic, offering more value with less effort. The process to convert the intelligence of the system into meaningful, automated actions and control shall be faster.
    The new system not only performs automation actions but also extracts invaluable insights from a wealth of robust data and innovative learning mechanisms. This new system, in addition to supporting decision making, is a visionary approach that illuminates paths to cost savings through enhanced energy efficiency and load management.

Key technologies and applications addressed in the challenge

Enable Automation / Intelligence on Energy Distribution via:

  • New functionalities to convert user requirements into automated actions
  • Residential housing communities and related applications
  • Multi- and single- tenant use cases for both scenarios

Connecting to ABB Platforms / Portals via API (Application Programming Interface)

  • Application domains centered around ABB sub distribution ecosystem (energy efficiency, power quality, distribution / measurements / protection)

Focus segments

  • Small and mid-sized commercial applications
  • Residential housing communities and related applications
  • Multi- and single- tenant use cases for both scenarios

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    Winners earn

    • Opportunity to show and share the solution in a pilot or customer test case
    • Access to lab environments we jointly use with customers, allowing ABB customers to actively experience the solution and share their feedback
    • $30,000 to collaborate and develop the solution with ABB
    • 6-month free SynerLeap membership – ABB’s startup accelerator – that will boost your growth and visibility across ABB, our partners and customers (value $10,000)
    • Exclusive mentoring sessions with Microsoft startup advisors 

    Ready to power progress together?

    Download the ABB application PowerPoint template for the ABB Smart Power 2024 Challenge.

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    ABB Expert Collaboration

    You will receive dedicated support from ABB during the 10 days of the challenge from the following global Smart Buildings division experts:

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      Dirk John

      Digital Innovation Manager

    • Image Description

      Andres Rodriguez

      Global Product Manager, Energy Management Cloud Applications

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      Sebastiano Paganini

      Global Product Line Manager, Energy Management Solutions 

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