Most companies have seen clear signs of digital potential, according to new research.

But what's working right now? How can you gather sharper insights on your whole operation, safely? And what practical steps can you take, to seize this window of opportunity? Our tools and resources reveal all.

See how far organizations have progressed on their digital journey, in our infographic. Explore all the research in our whitepaper. And find ways to overcome your biggest IIoT barriers with our guide.


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Many organizations have made big strides forward with IIoT. But what’s driving interest? And what approaches are organizations taking to their transformation? Take a look through the data and discover five areas of untapped potential, revealed by our new research. Plus, see what’s slowing progress – and explore examples
of IIoT success.

The journey to digital transformation

How far have most organizations progressed on their digital journey? And which industries might be leading the way, according to our research? Our infographic brings the stats to life.

How to overcome five big barriers to digitalization

Select a barrier that's holding your organization back. You'll find advice and support to help you overcome it - and see the full potential of digital, faster.


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"Attackers are getting smarter by the day. I can't afford to digitalize and be compromised."


"Integrating all this data and different solutions is crazy. It's hard enough for pilots, let alone when we scale."

Proving ROI

"I struggle to make the case for IIoT investment, because I can't prove ROI."

Internal expertise

"We don't have the breadth of expertise we need to digitalize safely and confidently."


"These are crucial systems. If we overcomplicate, it could involve extra risk."

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